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Welcome to our F.A.Q & Help Area

You will find answers to common questions that we have came across here. If you can not find the answer you are looking for, email us directly via

1. How does GlobalSurfingHits work and what does it do?

Answer: GSH is a service that allows you to use resources you already have (your computer & internet connection) to get real visitors to your sites every single day of the year.  When you have credits in your account, they are worth exposures. 

2. How do I earn credits, or hits to my site?

Answer: In the members area under "Get Link URLS" you will note a URL that has your login name attached to the end. Simply plug this address into a browser and start surfing effortlessly through our site rotation.  No clicking is involved and you can even minimize your browser to allow you to continue working.

3. Why is GlobalSurfingHits worth the time involved to open a browser  and surf for credits?

Answer:  We have created one of the most unique services on the net today.  Our membership base is filled with today's top marketers, general consumers, and affiliate professionals from around the globe for good reason.  GSH is meticulously maintained. Surf our no pop up category without a pop up blocker on and you will see what we mean :)  Join us in a weekend Surf Party and win thousands of free hits, every weekend!   We are the first Surf for Hits program to attract and implement Corporate Hosted Events.  They benefit you!

4. Why wont the pages rotate by themselves when I surf?

Several things can cause this. Having a temporary internet file that is hogging up too much space on your computer. A 28.8 modem. Not allowing cookies on your computer. Having your security settings to high in your browser. Using an out dated or unpopular browser (For best results use Internet Explorer 6 or Netscape 7.0) If you need help adjusting these settings, please contact us at your convenience and we will help you.

5. Why do I have credits left in my account after surfing?

GlobalSurfingHits is capable of delivering a few hundred hits a day to our vast free user membership base.  The same member is incapable of viewing your site more than 1 time every hour and 15 minutes. This is a benefit to you, but does slow the outgoing points capable of being delivered to a free user. We also give our free users thousands of free hits every weekend during our parties.

6. How do I get my credits to go out faster?

Choose no pop viewing and only show these types of sites. Our other two available categories are always growing, but GSH largest category (75%) is no pop ups. Upgrade your account to one of our paying levels and run no pop up sites. This is the best way to insure all our users are seeing your sites as often as possible. We consider these upgrade levels to be the absolute best value for your marketing dollar you can spend on the net today.  For less then the price of a cup of coffee (per week!) you can get thousands of hits and banner exposures a day!

7. Why Cant I join?

The number reason is two companies. AOL & Yahoo :)
95% of the time we get this complaint, it is because the user is a subscriber to aol or yahoo. All you have to do to join GSH  is open a fresh browser from your desktop and join from there, not using aol or yahoo as a gateway.  This does not mean you have to change your start up page AT ALL. You can still use those service providers, but don't start there,  open a fresh browser and plug in our address and you should be good to go!

8. How do I promote your free service to others and what is in it for me?

Even as a free user, promoting GSH could be the best plan for marketing you ever set in motion. The biggest reason is we are a name you can trust.  When you recruit members for us, we give you incredible returns for every page these members surf, 5 levels deep! This really starts to add up after the people you recruit start recruiting themselves. All the work they do benefits you exactly as it would if you brought that member in yourself!